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[21 Sep 2015|04:36pm]

working on this for ~jaha, breaking the character limit for posts )

[16 Sep 2015|02:18pm]
stuff i might be working on for ~jaha )

[15 Sep 2015|11:14pm]
testing new code before putting it on ~supersuits )

[14 Sep 2015|06:18pm]
hey ~heartlight )

the 100: kait's characters [02 Apr 2015|10:13pm]
Character Roster: The 100 )

[27 Sep 2014|04:55am]
Read more... )

[24 Aug 2014|03:46am]
new biosheet )

[29 Apr 2014|03:54am]
Ugh. So, I worked really hard on this and I'm pleased with the result but I have a feeling that if people actually COMPLETE this that it's going to break the limit for post length depending on how long the drabbles are, just because it does involve a 32-panel layout (simple as it is).

Still toying with it, p. much ready to post but IDK. May have to recommend splitting it into two posts (16 and 16) and do a copy/paste code for each half.

in-progress/test code: 32 flavors meme )

new avalon: characters (kait) [06 Apr 2014|11:28pm]
Character Roster: New Avalon )

[28 Jan 2014|03:16am]
current character roster )

Writing Samples: Castiel [10 Jan 2014|12:15pm]
I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition. )

Writing Samples: Kaidan Alenko [03 Jan 2014|11:29am]
Who votes we take the well-armored vehicle into the deep, creepy bunker? )

Writing Samples: Donna Noble [01 Jan 2014|03:10pm]
Donna, by the way. Donna Noble, since you didn't ask. I'll have a salute. )

Supercity → [info]thesupermods [30 Aug 2013|12:44am]
Character Roster: Supercity )

Storylines & Relationships: Owen Rogers [02 Mar 2013|03:40pm]
Storylines & Relationships: Owen Rogers )

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